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HOLE #4 - PAR 4

The fourth hole, a par 4 for men and par 5 for women, is very picturesque. The whole begins at an elevated green, which is approximately 20 feet above the fairway. The fairway is a 90-degree dogleg to the left with a large landing area at about 185 yards. If you are thinking about cutting the corner, think twice. Tall trees on the left protect the tee and four very large birch trees and two lakes protect the remainder of the dogleg. The main lake sits directly between the landing area and the green. Depending on where you are on the landing area you are between 100 130 yards to the center of the green. Bunkers in front and right side protect the green. An additional bunker resides in the back of the green to assist in case your approach shot is too long. If you fly the bunker you may be on the lower portion of the hill or possibly floating in Lake Cumberland. A fountain resides in the middle of the larger lake.